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#ReGrowJO - Seed Processing with local volunteers

Nearly 25 volunteers showed up to help the #ReGrowJO campaign to process some of the 30 pounds of big berry Manzanita seeds collected about two weeks ago. Thank you!

Instructions from Forrester

Forrester Brian Block demonstrates ways to remove the hard, outer shell from the tiny Manzanita seeds inside.

And then the volunteers got to work, pinching the berries, or using a thumb nail to split open the berry and pop out the tiny seeds inside. Some of the seeds stayed together in a cluster resembling a peeled orange, and some splintered into small segments, collected into paper bags.

Acorn Viability

Since we had so many volunteers, Brian brought out a bucket full of Black Oak acorns which were cleaned and tested for viability. This process involved testing the viability of the acorn; if it floats it's no longer viable, if it sinks, its still alive. Next we bleeched the acorns to clean them, and they will be stored for later planting.

How You Can Help

Anyone that is interested in helping with processing Manzanita seeds can contact Brian Block to pick up seeds from the Forest Service office in Kernville. Rhonda Stallone @ MRA has seeds for processing as well.

Aren't available to help in person, but wish to contribute financially? Please check out our online fundraiser where you can donate to purchase Manzanita shrubs, oak trees and other native plants to help reforest in the French Fire burn area.

What's Next -- Scare-ify

Stay tuned for the Spooky next phase of this process, the scarifying stage, where Brian Block teaches us how to burn the seeds to ready them for planting. We anticipate this phase to happen around Halloween, on October 27th! Buaahahaha. For those interested in participating in this next step, please email Ruby Gonzalez Ruby.Gonzalez@usda.gov with the Forest Service to confirm.

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