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#ReGrowJO - Manzanita berry collection

Scouting for Big Berries

We learned from our meeting at the Forest Service office that the time to harvest manzanita berries is right now, and we didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. Following a possible berry location lead, we were able to scout some outstanding groves that are about 20' tall! They are beautiful, and one is very similar to the Manzanita tunnel we know and love from the Just Outstanding Trail.

Collecting Big Berry Manzanita Seeds

With a fast moving team of seven, we were able to collect over 30 pounds of big berry manzanita seeds, in just a little over one hour. We spread out, and did our best not to over-pick any shrubs, and collected as many seeds as we could before the sun went down.

Did you know?

Named after the small, red berries it produces, Manzanita means "tiny apple" in Spanish. Manzanita is a common name for many species of the genus Arctostaphylos. According to pacifichorticulture.org, "California is manzanita central. All but three of the ninety species found in the wild are endemic to California."

Delivery to Forrester, Brian Block

We delivered the 30 pounds of big berry Manzanita berries to Brian Block, Forrester for the Kernville Forest Service office.

What's Next to #ReGrowJO?

Berry harvesting is coming up next! Stay tuned for more information.

Want to help the #ReGrowJO effort but don't live nearby? Check out our fundraiser to buy manzanita plants and native oak trees!

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