• Rhonda Stallone

Forest Closure is Lifted! SNF is open.

We are excited to share that the forest closure has been lifted! Effective September 15, 2021 at 11:59pm the August 31, 2021 forest closure order closing many national forests in California has ended. Our public lands, trails and waterways are once again accessible to the recreating public in the Sequoia National Forest (SNF).

Factors leading to this decision include:

  1. Anticipated increase of firefighting resource availability to California due to fire danger lessening in other areas of the country.

  2. Regional weather systems and related climate zones becoming more variable as the seasons change, leading to less uniform conditions across California. Where weather and fire danger remain high, tailored fire restrictions and closures remain in place locally and may be added where necessary.

  3. Peak summer visitation has tapered off significantly since the Labor Day holiday weekend. The public is a critical partner in mitigating risk and recreating responsibly on our National Forests.

  4. We recognize the important role of National Forests to peoples’ livelihood and quality of life.

What is your personal responsibility during high fire season, or after a wildfire?

  • Be proactive in your thinking about preventing fire starts. Smoking, parking in grass, flammable material, and other activities can cause fire ignition under dry conditions.

  • Carry a shovel and plenty of water at all times. No open flame in the Forest. Camping guests of MRA Campground may have campfires. We just ask that you keep the fire small and manageable please.

  • Pay attention to and follow posted cautions for trails and campgrounds, especially fire restrictions and closures. Use only camp stoves with a shutoff valve, no open flames while in the wilderness.

  • If you see smoke, report it. Look for identifying markers or land marks and call it in.

  • Stay off of trails or recreation areas that have recently burned or been scarred by fire. The #FrenchFire burned several very popular recreation trails including Just Outstanding (JO), Unal Trail, Mud Hen and Sand Shed. Forest officials urge the public to stay out of these now sensitive areas. There are critical assessments that need to occur to restore and re-grow these recreation areas and Mountain & River Adventures is working closely with the US Forest Service to help #ReGROWJO. Please stay tuned for updates!

We are so grateful to have access again to our open spaces. Please do your part and protect our public lands. It's up to each of us to leave a place better than we found it!

Thanks for caring,

Rhonda and John

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