• Rhonda Stallone

Cannell Trail - Open from the Top!

It's finally open! The U.S. Forest Service officially notified us that the gate across Sherman Pass Road is open and you can now ride Cannell Trail, from the top. We are excited and know that all you mtb'ers are too!

What about Shuttles?

We are shuttling every day, meet time is 8:00a.m., so get your riding partners and reserve your shuttle online using our online reservation portal.

Explore our Other Trails

Make it a weekend of riding our epic trails. We are also accepting online shuttle reservations to Greenhorn Mountain/Alta Sierra area, featuring the Just Outstanding Trail. Coined this name by John Stallone in the early 1980's, this flowy downhill features a unique Manzanita tunnel and offers a variety of options to extend your riding fun!

Ride & Stay

Round out your outdoor weekend with camping along the banks of the majestic Kern River, or cool off on one of our splashy, fun whitewater rafting tours.

Get outside and enjoy!

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