Why 2019 is Going to be A Great Year for Rafting the Kern River

It’s All About the Water

Rafting on the Kern River is always fun, but what makes some seasons stand out more than others is directly correlated with snow pack in the Sierra’s. This year the 2018/2019 Winter Season is proving to be a wet one.

Big Water Rafting Season On the Kern

Photo from 2017, The Kern River’s last “Big Water Year”

According to the L. A. Times, The Kern River Drainage is upwards of 200% of average snowpack. What does that mean for the 2019 rafting season? Water and lots of it. The last “big water” year was in 2017 when the Upper Kern River peaked out at around 8000 cfs. 

The Kern River get its water supply from the Southern Sierra’s most iconic 14000 plus foot peaks. Mountains such as Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. Legends such as Royal Robins were the first to descend the drainage in the early 1980’s carrying their boats over the Mt. Whitney Pass on their shoulders. Topo Map of the western Drainage of Mt. Whitney

We can’t predict the rest of the winter, but we can celebrate being off to a good start. Mammoth Mountain, is claiming the most snow in the country right now, and Alta Sierra is opened for skiing at 7000 ft of elevation.


Backcountry Skiing in the Sierra Mountains Dec. 2018

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