White Water Rafting – Class III

Class III Rafting Trips

Class III Trips:

Class III Rafting trips on the Kern River are great for beginner rafters, families, and kids! We have two class III sections and both are a-lot of fun. The Kern River is broken up into two sections the Upper Kern and the Lower Kern, separated by Lake Isabella. The Upper Kern is Free Flowing and depends upon snowmelt from high in the Sierra Mountains. The Lower Kern’s flow is dependent upon water released from the Lake Isabella Dam, and can be more consistent throughout the rafting season.

Mountain & River Adventure Owner John Stallone Guiding the kids down some exciting Class III

What is Class III Rafting?

White Water is rated from Class I-V, Class I being flat water with slow current, to Class V which requires expert ability and athleticism. Class III is considered the perfect beginner or entry level rafting. Don’t let that make you think you won’t get wet, Class III can be really splashy!

The Upper Kern provides a great class III stretch that starts at the Mountain and River Adventures Campground and runs into downtown Kernville, taking out at the park. Get to know this run through multiple laps on our Double Blitz rafting adventure. Or if you are short on time join us for the Rapid Blitz!

The Lower Kern is more secluded and winds through an impressive canyon, the top section just below the Lake Isabella Dam features a great class III section of white water that makes for a great 1/2 or full day trip. (Full day trips include a great deli spread lunch).

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