What’s the difference between an oar boat and a paddle boat?

▸ May 11, 2017

An oar boat is maneuvered by a guide sitting in the center of the raft and manipulating a set of oars.  These boats are primarily used as gear and safety boats, and occasionally they carry a couple of paddlers in the front compartment. A paddleboat is a raft navigated by four to seven paddlers and a guide. This is the most common configuration we use on the river. A “hind end frame” is an oar frame strapped to the rear of a paddle boat. This hybrid raft is sometimes used during high water conditions and allows the highest degree of steering coupled with the acceleration of a paddle crew.

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September 13, 2018
Fall on the Kern is majestic.

Fall on the Kern.  Cool temps, great trails, dark skies!

Locals love the Fall season here in the Kern…

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