What should I wear on the river?

Dress with both the water temperature and the air temperature in mind, since you’ll be getting wet. In the warm weather of summer, shorts and a t-shirt are great.  In the spring time and on cooler days (and always on Class V rivers), we require wetsuits or wet suit/paddle jacket combinations. Ask us about renting wetsuits when you call to book your trip. For extra warmth on cool days, it is a good idea to bring some synthetic fleece, polypro, Capilene, or wool garments. In cold weather don’t wear cotton. Wet cotton saps heat, while fleece, poly, wool, and similar fabrics provide insulation even when wet.

Shoes: Tennis shoes or a fully enclosed type of athletic shoe provide the best foot protection on the river. Wetsuit booties are excellent.  Teva sandals and other strap-on sandals work well in warmer weather, but do not offer as much foot protection.

Sunglasses:  If you wear prescription glasses an eye glass retainer such as Chums work well to prevent loss of your glasses. Instead of contact lenses, it is better to wear an old pair of glasses with a retainer.

Sunscreen: Use sunscreen, especially on the tops of upper legs, shoulders, back of neck and top of nose. Sunscreen applied on your forehead may run into your eyes when you get wet.  Also applying sunscreen on the backs of your legs may cause you to slip around in the boat.  Protect your forehead, face and back of neck with a hat secured by a hat clip.

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