What should I bring with me in the raft?

On most of our one-day trips, the essentials will include a personal water bottle, and some sunscreen to touch-up during the day. Keys, prescription glasses without a retention strap, wallets, or anything you can’t live without, should be locked up in your car—we’ll hold your keys. On longer trips, or trips without easy roadside access, there will often be a “day” bag into which you can place an extra t-shirt or jacket, hat, etc.

If you have medications such as an Epi-pen (for bee-sting allergies) or other items that should stay complete dry but remain accessible, place them inside two ziplock bags, and let your guide and the trip leader know. They may put them in with the first aid kit that is along on every trip, or some other more secure location.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask your guide or any of our friendly staff when you check in.

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