Is there a difficulty rating on the different sections of the Kern?

Class Rating Difficulty Minimum Age/Weight Length of Trip River Segment
Class I-II:  Float trip on moving water with some obstacles like waves and/or rocks that are can be easily avoided. Anyone five years old + fifty pounds can go. Beginners Five year olds (+ 50 pounds) and older. 1 hour to 1 day Powerhouse Section
Class III:  Plenty of waves, big and small; exposed rocks; and rapids with clear yet sometimes narrow routes that require maneuverability in order to negotiate. Beginners 10 year olds and older. ½ day to 1 day Lower Kern, Class III
Class IV:  Longer rapids with bigger drops and more obstacles. Narrower routes that require precise maneuvering and power in order to negotiate. Beginner to Intermediate 10 years old and older.
12 years old or older.
Half, one, and two day trips Lower Kern, Class IV;
Upper Kern
Class V:  Most difficult whitewater that can be run. Rapids are long and may have many parts. Drops are more frequent and powerful. Often only one viable route that requires strength, precision, and skillful boat maneuvering in order to negotiate successfully. All guests have previous whitewater paddling experience and pass pre-trip swim test. Advanced

Advanced to

14 years old or older;
16 years old or older
One day trips;
two and three day trips
Upper Kern, Thunder Run; Forks of the Kern

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