Upper Kern River Rafting

Class III-V: Beginner/Intermediate

April – September

We have lots of choices for you on the Wild and Scenic Upper Kern depending on your desires, enthusiastic expectations, and the river’s water levels. Drop into beautiful, short, intensely crazy rushes of whitewater, or longer “warm-up” to “hot” sections that leave you with that good, deep, wasted feeling of meeting the wet challenge! The powerful Upper Kern offers fast-moving thrills and white water that allow you to run the premium rapids more than once. Meet up with famous Tombstone and Sock ‘Em Dog rapids and have the opportunity to conquer the “big ones;” they await you in the Upper Kern canyon.

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Kern Rive Fun!


Wetsuits Required

*Wetsuits are required for spring paddling, so please bring your own, borrow one, or let us know that you would like to rent one of ours. Age requirement may vary depending on water level.
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December 11, 2018
Why 2019 is Going to be A Great Year for Rafting the Kern River

It’s All About the Water

Rafting on the Kern River is always fun, but what makes some seasons stand out more than others is directly correlated with snow…

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