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Mountain Bike Shuttles

The weather in the Kern River Valley is typically mild in our Spring, Fall and Winter seasons lending the area toward some incredible mountain biking, nearly year-round. If you are interested in riding cross-country trails, some single-track or serious downhill, our community has the trail ride you want. Our local trails can challenge the most experienced riders, while other trails make newbies wonder why they've never tried this sport. Because we don't want you to miss out on any of our spectacular riding opportunities, we offer vehicle shuttles to two major biking areas in the Kern River Valley.

Mountain bike shuttles are not guided tours, you are responsible for your own well-being and safety, once we drop you at the designated drop site. Be sure that you are prepared for riding trails in our area by researching the area, reviewing our trail ride checklist, and checking out the local weather forecast in Kernville before you come. Another way to prepare for the Cannell Plunge ride is to check out the US Forest Service web cam looking toward Sherman Peak. offers a short-term subscription to obtain Topographic Maps to help prepare you for your trail ride.

(1) Alta Sierra: this shuttle drop allows you near the Greenhorn Summit, allowing you to choose the following trail ride options: Alta Sierra, Badger Gap, Forest 90, Greenhorn Summit Loop or Just Outstanding.

(2) Cannell Trail: if the road is clear of snow and your riding abilities are honed, choose to ride from the top of Sherman Peak, or only the very exhilarating and challenging "Cannell Plunge".  If we determine that the road is not safe and/or your riding abilities are not up to par, we reserve the right to alter the shuttle drop location at any time.  Please read Special Note below.
View video of Cannel Trail

For last minute items that you may have forgotten to pack, no worries, stop by our full-service bike shop where we offer Sequoia National Forest maps, Southern Sierra Mountain Bike Trails guide book, tubes, tires, patch kits, Camelbaks, bike shorts and more.  For special request biking items, please be sure to call ahead to ensure we carry what you need in our store by calling us at (800) 861-6553.  Although we do have a full-service bike shop, our mechanic is not on duty 24-hours per day, so please make sure that you complete all necessary bike repairs prior to arriving for your bike shuttle. 

Reservations are required for all bike shuttles.  Please arrive at our Kernville store or our Campground check-in center, whichever is the established check-in location, at least 15-30 minutes prior to shuttle departure time to allow for bike/gear loading. 

*Special Note for All Riders:
Shuttles are not guided trips, this service is strictly a vehicle drop at our two designated shuttle locations.  It is your responsbility to prepare yourself carefully for this ride as our shuttle is only providing you access to the trail. We will provide a small map that outlines the general trail, plus the two locations to get water (please hydrate early and often), and beyond this it is your responsibility to prepare yourself for this trail ride. Please read over our checklist of safety and mechanical items that we recommend all riders carry on local trail rides.  Click here to check out the local weather forecast in Kernville before your ride; view the video footage and do your homework!.

For guided trips, please see the information provided above and call us at (800) 861-6553 to start your reservation for spectacular fun!

Alta Sierra Shuttle (Minimum of 6) $28.00/person
Cannell Trail Shuttle (Minimum of 6), Saturday $42.00/person
Cannell Trail Shuttle (Minimum of 6), Sunday-Friday $38.00/person
Talk with the members of your club or your usual riding partners, decide which date works best for you and then call us to schedule your shuttle at (800) 861-6553. Get your reservation in today, because once we reach our maximum capacity for each shuttle, that ride will be closed!
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Details at a Glance
2 Shuttles Available: Alta Sierra
Cannell Trail
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