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Swift Water Rescue Course -
Based on interest. Dates to be announced.

For everyone, beginner guides welcome (download flyer)

This course is vital to all who plan to play in or around any river, and is essential for all commercial guides.  This course takes you the next step in your understanding of river dynamics.  All students will learn to feel more comfortable in the water; floating, swimming, and practicing rescuing swimmers and rafts.  If you are highly committed to a career as a commercial guide, then it is recommended that you take a certified Rescue 3 International Swift Water Rescue course also. MRA’s course is specifically designed to address challenging areas and potential scenarios specific to the Kern River.  This course helps to satisfy a guide requirement to receive higher pay.  This course generally costs half of what other SRT courses cost.  Why?  Because we want you to take this course!

  • Lunches only ARE included with this course, but there will be sufficient time to have your own breakfast and dinner.
  • You will receive our in-house SRT certificate upon successful completion of the course.
Preseason Price per student $198.79
Regular Season Price per student $298.70
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Details at a Glance
Swift Water Rescue Course April 27-28, 2013
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