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Mountain & River Adventures creates pure fun experiences, connecting people with nature and each other, through diverse adventure options that suit the individual.
Learn to Guide, Learn to Lead on California’s Famous Kern River

Meet the Challenge... Get Results... Be There!

"The guide school instructors taught me more than simply how to drive a boat down a river. They shared their passion for the river and showed me what it means to be professional."
Cara B., 2010 Class III/IV Guide School Participant, now employed at MRA

MRA Guide Schools are for anyone interested in becoming a leader in whitewater rafting skills. At MRA you will come to understand the complexities, secrets, and deeper joys of the river environment while building river confidence. Participants learn about, and are immersed in; river hydrology, river navigation, river safety, river rescue, teamwork, river etiquette, and “logistics made easy” for the overnight and/or multi-day wilderness adventures – all while having a blast!

MRA Guide Schools benefit hardy beginners, private boaters, experienced rafters, and commercial guides alike. 

Adventure seekers who want to add more challenge, skill development, and meaning to their time on the river along with established adventure organizations, often register for MRA Guide Schools.  No experience is required (except on advanced Class V Guide Schools).  Minimum age for Class III Guide School is 15.  Minimum age for all other Guide Schools is 16.  Welcome!

"As the director of a high school outdoor adventure program, we’ve had some great whitewater trips over the years, but the Class III Guide School with MRA “blew the others out of the water.”  A pillar of our program is outdoor leadership, and I am truly impressed with the knowledge and confidence your staff imparted during the school.  Thank you for being so organized, professional and perhaps most importantly, fun, and providing a challenging and memorable learning experience for all."
Gabriel G., Environmental Studies and Outdoor Leadership Director of Crespi Carmelite High School and now part-time MRA guide

All students will benefit from MRA Guide Schools by working closely with expert instructors that have intimate knowledge from paddling and instructing on the Kern River (and many rivers throughout the world) over the past 30 years. MRA Guide Schools are known for their diversity and well thought out comprehensive curriculums. Our Class V Guide School is one of the only guide schools worldwide that offers Class V whitewater instruction on every single day of the course. The finale is a 3-day wilderness trip down the world-renowned Forks of the Kern.

MRA Guide Schools are offered throughout the season (April-August), but in the pre-season (April through the first week of May), guide schools are offered at a discounted rate (up to 40% off normal rafting trip costs!).  We need a minimum of 10 paid-in-full students to start a new guide school date.

Start Packing! What you need to bring, and what’s provided

  • Free camping is available at the MRA campground (Hot Showers Included!). 
  • MRA provides all life vests, helmets, paddles, rafts, and raft gear. 
  • Bring your own camping gear.
  • Bring your own river gear, such as a drysuit, wetsuit, splash jacket, fleece, beanie, shoes with toe and heel coverage to wear on the river, wool socks, sun block, etc. 
  • Wetsuits, splash jackets, and river booties can be rented for an additional fee if needed.
  • MRA provides professional instruction. All students participate in every aspect of each day’s training and life on the river, from preparation, through proper storage of gear, to daily trip debriefs.
  • When you sign up, you will be given a complete list of what to bring.

“You will notice MRA Guide School prices are affordable and awesome.  Our guides want to train future guides, and we like to make them happy. In the end we all get more river time!  Bring it!”
John Stallone, Owner/Guide

Register today... work tomorrow... Become a leader on the river!

Be sure to email us now to get your name or group on the list for MRA’s 2014 Guide Schools.  Participation is limited to maximize quality of instruction (5-6 students per instructor).

When you have gone through the MRA guide school once, you are not assured employment but you’ll be strongly considered. You will be learning about MRA guiding standards during your course.  We hope one day between our training and your commitment that you will join our Guide team!

If you already have guiding experience and are interested in employment with Mountain & River Adventures, please fill out our employment application, attach your current resume, and mail it attention:  Guide Manager, Mountain & River Adventures, 11113 Kernville Rd., Kernville, CA 93238.

10% OFF any combination of 2 or more guide schools!

20% OFF any Guide School scheduled on weekdays!!

“The Class III/IV Guide School really stepped things up to a whole different level. All of the instructors were class V guides with loads of experience you can only get on the water, which made me feel very comfortable; their attitudes and teaching styles were different, which made for a wonderfully diverse learning environment. Learning how to cook like a guide, allowed us all to eat like kings. I will never forget the bonds that were made or the personal growth I experienced in just a few short weekends.”
Tim S., Eastern Washington University student and now MRA guide

Class III Guide School - April 2-3, 2016
Rafting   For everyone, beginner guides welcome. Take your first step towards a general understanding of the river, paddle raft navigation, river safety skills, rescue and etiquette, and throw your hat in the ring to become a Class III whitewater raft guide for MRA on the Kern River.
More Info
Class III/IV Guide School - April 2-3 & 8-10, 2016
Rafting   For everyone, beginner guides welcome. This is the next step towards a deeper understanding of the river, paddle raft navigation on more challenging whitewater, knowing proper river safety, rescue and etiquette, managing people, and becoming a Class IV whitewater raft guide for MRA on the Kern River
More Info
Class III/IV Oar Rafting Guide School - TBA
Rafting   For everyone, beginner guides welcome. This course further enhances your understanding of the river, and teaches the art of rowing.  The course covers proper river navigation, safety, rescue and etiquette.  Taking the course is not required to become a guide for MRA.
More Info
Swift Water Rescue Course -TBA
Rafting   For everyone, beginner guides welcome. This course is vital to all who plan to play in or around any river, and is essential for all commercial guides.  This course takes you the next step in your understanding of river dynamics.
More Info
Class V Guide School - TBA
Rafting   Not for beginners, valid previous experience required. This course is hard-core and provides top of the line instruction and experience towards understanding the river and running challenging Class V whitewater!
More Info


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Details at a Glance
Class III Guide School April 2-3, 2016
Class III/IV Guide School April 2-3, and
April 8-10, 2016
Class III/IV
Oar Rafting Guide School
To Be Announced
Swift Water
Rescue Course
Class V
Guide School
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