High Water Safety Tips From Team MRA

The Kern River water levels are high and that means we all need to be extra safe when at the river.

Here are a few steps that you do can do to be water safe:

  1. Always wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and make sure that it fits nice and snug
  2. Always have a swimming partner
  3. Good water shoes are key. They should have great traction even when wet
  4. Always tell someone where you are going to swim
  5. Give yourself a buffer when swimming in the water.

When hanging out at the water’s edge it is important to keep an eye on everyone. The water is more powerful than you think, and things can happen.

Hope to see you on the river in the near future!

Team MRA!

Try these easy steps to camping glass free!!

Try these easy steps to camp without glass!

Mountain & River Adventures Campground is moving to a NO GLASS campground to be in line with guidelines set out by the Sequoia National Forest. We are using 2017 as a transitional season to give you and us time to figure out how best to camp without bringing glass to our Forest.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Watch what you are buying.
    • There are lots of alternative options to buying glass.
  • Plan Ahead
    • While planning your trip make sure that none of your non food items contain glass
  • Buy your alcohol in cans or boxes or even pouring it into a metal container or bladder.
    • There are so many different options; cans, boxes, metal. The options are endless.
    • The local brewery in Kernville now sells their beer in cans too!!
Did you know that you can buy canned wine?  We recently held a taste testing of boxed wines and The Block, Shiraz, sold at Trader Joe’s was our camper favorite!

Other Tips:

  • Always remember to leave nature better than the way you found it by keeping trash bags handy and easy to use, and thereby keeping trash contained and not carried off in the wind.
  • Pop-up trash can, bring extra trash bags, and hold it down with a rock in the bottom (we have plenty of rocks)!

  • Unpack new camping gear ahead of time, to practice and make sure everything works.  Leave packaging at home, saves on car space, and creates less trash when camping.We are excited for the summer 2017 and our transition year. We look forward to see you in the campground or on the water and working together to camping glass free!!

Happy holidays from the Kern!

It’s a snowy start, and we are grateful.

The storms are lining up here in the high sierras and we are truly grateful for the snow accumulations building in the mountains.  So get ready and start thinking about warm summer sand in your toes, camping out under the stars, and lots of memories to be made with family and friends.

Winter is the time for all of our Boy and Girl Scouts, YMCA’s, schools, and other non-profit groups who rely on fundraising to begin calling us to get their reservations started for 2016.  We are happy to be receiving your calls and look forward to planning just the right river outing for your group!  If you haven’t started planning your group’s 2016 summer outing, we are standing by for your call at (800) 861-6553.

We are also selling off some of our gently used and new mountain bikes, stand up paddleboards and other gear.  So if you are in the market for outdoor equipment, be sure to give us a call at (800) 861-6553 to see what great deals we have for you.

Consider an MRA gift certificate for the active, fun-seekers on your holiday gift list too!

We look forward to seeing you in the 2016 season.

Choose the rafting tour that is ideal for you.

Call (800) 861-6553 for more info about gift certificates. You still have time!

New and used gear make great holiday gifts!