Rapid Blitz – Kern River Rafting

Rapid Blitz – Class III Rafting


This one hour, one run trip is fun for all abilities and perfect for the pocket book. Getting drenched on Big Daddy, Twisted Sister, Little Las Vegas, and Ewing’s Rapid puts the icing on the cake, or water on the lap.


 MEETING PLACE: (Time located on Reservation Confirmation– PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR DESIGNATED TIME FOR CHECK IN SO ALL PARTICIPANTS CAN LEAVE ON TIME) AT OUR Kernville Store, 11113 Kernville Road. OUR PHONE NUMBER IS (760) 376-6553. RESERVATIONS: 1-800-861-6553.


From Southern or Northern California, take Hwy 99 to Bakersfield. Once in Bakersfield exit Hwy 178 East to Lake Isabella. At Lake Isabella, exit the off ramp which reads “Highway 155-Kernville”, go left to Kernville. Follow this road fro about 15 minutes and do not make any turns follow this road into Kernville and our store is located on the right side of the road.

From Hwy 395, take Hwy 178 West. As you approach Lake Isabella from the East, look for the Kernville sign, turn right on Sierra Way and travel around the lake for approximately 10 miles and Turn left on Kernville road. Once you go over the bridge our store is on the left hand side of the road.


River attire is casual. Footwear is a must. Plan to get wet and bring a change of clothing.

  • On-river you can wear wetsuit booties, Water Sandals with secure back straps, or even Tennis Shoes with no socks and good traction soles. NO FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS!
  • Visor or hat • Sunglasses •Strap to secure sunglasses
  • Sunblock • Lip Balm • Swimsuit or shorts • Windbreaker • Clothing made from poly-pro,
  • Polyester, quick drying materials are ideal for rafting (avoid cotton materials)
  • Please do not bring radios, firearms, pets or valuables. Sun-sensitive persons should bring a hat and light weight long-sleeve shirt.

On certain early season trips when water and weather conditions dictate, we may require all passengers to wear wetsuits. If needed, wetsuits can be rented.


The minimum age on our Power House Section trips is 5 years old (must weigh at least 50 pounds) while in rafts & 9 years old while in Inflatable Kayaks. This age limit is in place for the safety of your child, the safety of our other guests and our guides & can be changed to an older age restriction during high water levels.


Please do not bring alcohol on your trip. If we believe a guest is under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will not be allowed on the trip and will not be given a refund.


Guests sometimes ask whether gratuities are appropriate. If you enjoyed your trip, please feel free to leave a tip with your guide, the trip leader, or office/store personnel. Thanks!


Our guides are experienced, skilled whitewater boaters. They are knowledgeable about canyon ecology and natural history. Should the need arise they are trained to administer First Aid. Guides can also provide information on organizations that work to preserve and protect rivers and river canyons.


We furnish rugged inflatable rafts, 12 to 16 feet in length. We provide accessory river equipment, life vests, first aid and safety supplies. Do not bring your own life vest. Ours are approved for rafting and we require that they be worn by all guests. On most trips, the majority of passengers ride in paddleboats. A paddleboat is piloted by a guide, assisted by four to six passengers.


Safety helmets are available at no additional charge to guests joining us on any stretch of river that we run. Helmets are REQUIRED for our Class V trips and are strongly recommended on all stretches of the Kern, when rafting on water flows below 1,000 cubic feet per second. Clients expressly assume all risks associated with their refusal to use or properly use helmets or other safety equipment.


Our trips are conducted under permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service, Sequoia National Forest. Our permit is your assurance that Mountain & River Adventures is legally operating on the river. Our operations and facilities are operated on a nondiscriminatory basis.


Trip participants should understand that river trips involve known and unknown risks. Mountain & River Adventures assumes no responsibility for injuries, death or loss-damage to client’s property while on the river. All clients must sign a Participation Agreement, Release and Assumption of Risk expressly acknowledging these points. Mountain & River Adventures assumes no responsibility for vehicles and/or the contents of vehicles parked during the trip. Because of the risks associated with river trips, including personal injury, death, property loss or damage or financial loss in the event of trip cancellation, we urge all trip participants to supplement their own insurance with vacation/travel insurance.


Our Kern River trips are fun, fast and challenging. To participate, you should be in good health. You may also need to perform certain physical activities. These include basic swimming; hiking in rugged or uneven terrain, climbing in or out of rafts and assisting in your rescue, if that becomes necessary. Please let us know when you return your Participant Agreement, if you have any health or dietary restrictions. We will gladly accommodate reasonable dietary restrictions with advanced notice.


It is sometimes necessary to cancel or modify a trip because of unusual circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, we cannot be responsible for paying expenses other than refunding all or part of the fees paid to Mountain & River Adventures. Determination of refunds (if any) will be made after reviewing trip details. Guides and other personnel employed by Mountain & River Adventures are not authorized to make or promise trip refunds or trip credits. Such determinations can only be made by company officers.


If you cancel, for any reason, less than 30 days prior to your trip date, you are not eligible for a refund or store credit. Written cancellation notice received by our office more than 30 days prior to the trip date will result in a refund of your deposit paid less a $15 per person processing fee. If you must cancel at the last minute, try to find a friend to take your place. Please read our Cancellation Policy that you received with your reservation confirmation.


We strongly recommend investing in this affordable coverage, which provides accident, illness, baggage, and trip cancellation protection. Contact your insurance agent for more information.



Love to camp on the Kern? So do we and here’s why.

Did you know that campers come to Kernville just to camp on the Kern River?  They love it here for lots of reasons, and here’s why you should plan to camp on the Kern River with MRA!

Close to Adventure
Located two miles north of Kernville, on the Kern River, our campground is on the same property as our whitewater rafting check-in center, making your adventure getaway super easy to plan your whitewater + camping fun!  We are an hour from the scenic Trail of 100 Giants, Dome Rock and the Needles, plus some really cool natural rock water slides.  MRA offers world-class white water rafting tours plus lots of other outdoor adventures, just steps away from our family-focused campground, a mecca of amenities unto itself!  Our camp amenities include…

Site Size Options — Standard, Double or Group
MRA offers many options with our spacious, well groomed, tent camping sites, steps away from the Kern River.  Our Standard Sites hold up to six campers including children.  Each site contains a picnic table and fire ring with cooking grate.  If you are a BBQ aficionado, you may want to bring along your favorite tools for this gig!  All the neighbors will want to eat at your picnic  table.

Our Double Sites hold up to twelve campers with all the same amenities listed above, just more room for all the cousins or friends-of-friends!

Groups come here to reconnect with family and friends for reunions, birthday parties and more.  Our Group Sites accommodate up to 12, 24 or 36 campers making it easy to plan your summer gathering on the Kern!  Choose from group sites like Boulder Beach, which camps 24; Sandy Beach, Scrub Jay Beach or Cottonwood Beach which individually hold 12 campers, or together accommodate up to 36 campers.

Camp Restrooms
Ladies LOVE our camp restrooms because we keep them sparkling clean, and you don’t really have to ‘rough it’ while you are here.  Our camp restroom boasts flushing toilets, warm showers, and is well located within our campground layout.

NEW for 2019, Coin Operated Showers
Although California is now officially out of a drought, our business  philosophy is always to focus on conservation.  We believe that if each of us conserves a little, our efforts will benefit everyone!  To conserve water, we have installed coin-operated showers in our campground showers.  Only four quarters gets  you a blissful four minutes of luxury in our camp shower!  A quarter machine is located right outside the restrooms.  And, in case you forgot it, we offer biodegradable shower suds, toothbrush & paste kits in our retail shop.

Reserve Online, it’s easy!
We now accept online reservations for camping and most activities!  You can call us during traditional 9-5 working hours, M-F, or, you can reserve online, whenever it is convenient!

Simply choose a campsite, how many nights and then reserve.  It’s that easy!  Campers can also reserve firewood and ice to be delivered to your campsite.  What are you waiting for?  Call or get online and reserve your camping getaway on the Kern, today!

*  Please remember to pack glass-free or keep it in the cooler for your own safety in camp.
*  One dog per campsite, please.

Why 2019 is Going to be A Great Year for Rafting the Kern River

It’s All About the Water

Rafting on the Kern River is always fun, but what makes some seasons stand out more than others is directly correlated with snow pack in the Sierra’s. This year the 2018/2019 Winter Season is proving to be a wet one.

Big Water Rafting Season On the Kern

Photo from 2017, The Kern River’s last “Big Water Year”

According to the L. A. Times, The Kern River Drainage is upwards of 200% of average snowpack. What does that mean for the 2019 rafting season? Water and lots of it. The last “big water” year was in 2017 when the Upper Kern River peaked out at around 8000 cfs. 

The Kern River get its water supply from the Southern Sierra’s most iconic 14000 plus foot peaks. Mountains such as Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. Legends such as Royal Robins were the first to descend the drainage in the early 1980’s carrying their boats over the Mt. Whitney Pass on their shoulders. Topo Map of the western Drainage of Mt. Whitney

We can’t predict the rest of the winter, but we can celebrate being off to a good start. Mammoth Mountain, is claiming the most snow in the country right now, and Alta Sierra is opened for skiing at 7000 ft of elevation.


Backcountry Skiing in the Sierra Mountains Dec. 2018

 If you are as excited about the 2019 Rafting Season as we are, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, and join our Mailing list so that you can get the most value out of your 2019 Rafting Season. The Kern River is located only 3 hours north of Los Angeles, and only 1 hour north of Bakersfield. We look forward to seeing you out there on the water.

Interested in guiding? Big water years on the Kern River offer some of the best conditions for class IV, V guides. Just starting out? Sign up for our guide school and learn from the best!

Fall on the Kern is majestic.

Fall on the Kern.  Cool temps, great trails, dark skies!

Locals love the Fall season here in the Kern River Valley.  Temps cool off,
trails are used but not crowded, and our dark skies are pretty spectacular.
Come see for yourself!

Kernville's annual mtb festival.
Shuttlefest, October 19-21, 2018






Fall camping is ideal! Perfect weather, easy access to the river for wading, fishing and family fun!

Summer is almost over! Here’s an enticement…

Cool off on the Kern!

Head up to Mountain & River Adventures before school starts back!  And here’s an extra enticement, we are celebrating 30 years of rafting by offering 30% off mid-week tours, in August and September.  Capture some of the action this month or book in advance to save big on your rafting adventure.  Click here for all the details.

Before it’s back to school time, plan to cool off on the Kern!