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Rent It!

Rent it while you are here on the Kern River or playing out on Lake Isabella. We rent all the river and lake toys including wetsuits, bikes and boards. The Mountain & River Adventures gear store has adventure rental equipment available should you find yourself not fully equipped for the adventure of your choice. Keep in mind that we require our rafting customers to have a wetsuit during Spring. The water temperatures remain cold and we want our customers to have fun and be safe at the same time!

All rentals require a signature of responsibility by an adult, plus a credit card as deposit. Rentals are nonrefundable, no exceptions. All late returns will be charged a late fee of $10-$20.  Consent to pay full retail price for replacement of rental items and/or parts lost, for any damage beyond normal wear, or excessively dirty equipment, is required as a condition of the rental.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express accepted.

 River Gear Rentals

6.44- 1/2 Day
10.75-1 Day

Wetsuit & Splash Jacket
10.75- 1/2 Day
13.97-1 Day

Wetsuit & Splash Jacket, Booties
12.90- 1/2 Day
19.35-1 Day

Splash Jacket
4.43- 1/2 Day
6.45-1 Day

4.43- 1/2 Day
6.45-1 Day

Paddles (single blade)
4.43- 1/2 Day
6.45-1 Day

Life Jacket (PFD)
6.45- 1/2 Day
8.60- 1 Day

6.45- 1/2 Day
8.60- 1 Day

Boat/Raft Rentals

Raft (outfitted for 6-people)
1 Day- 108.57

Self Bailing Rafts (outfitted for 6-persons) 

Inflatable Kayak (Maniyak) SINGLE
53.75- 1/2 Day
70.95- 1 Day

Inflatable Kayak (Maniyak) DOUBLE
53.75- 1/2 Day
86.00- 1 Day

Sit-on-top Kayak (Lake) SINGLE
37.62- 1/2 Day
64.50- 1 Day

Sit-on-top Kayak (Lake) DOUBLE
59.13- 1/2 Day
86.00- 1 Day

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) Rentals

Lake SUP (Paddle, PFD)
37.62- 1/2 Day
53.75- 1 Day

River SUP (Paddle, helmet, PFD)
59.13- 1/2 Day
80.63- 1 Day

Mountain Bike Rentals

Front suspension (H20 bottles, helmet and gloves)
64.50- 1 Day

Full suspension (H20 bottles, helmet and gloves)
37.63- 1/2 Day
86.00- 1 Day

Buy It!

Interested in buying some MRA gear? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to ship it to your door!

Every 12th Person…

Every 12th person goes FREE on most of our Kern River rafting trips! (except Saturdays on the Lower Kern)

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