Forks of the Kern – Kern River Rafting

Forks of The Kern

Two and Three Day Rafting Trips

on the Forks of the Kern

“These 22 Miles of Hydraulic Snomelt Might Comprise the Best Class V Multi Day Trip in America” – Adventure Sports Journal

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Rafting the Forks of the Kern is he best ways to explore the Sequoia National Forest and Golden Trout Wilderness. We do this trip right, even the shuttle ride is part of the experience as we wind through the Sierra and stop to explore some old growth Giant Sequoias.

Giant Sequoia Tree - Forks of the Kern River: Mountain and River Adventures

Once the bus reaches the parking lot prepare for a few mile hike down the canyon to the river. The majority of the gear will be hauled in by mules, and we do not pack light. We will be living and eating good. You will meet your guides and your gear down at a place we call the island, where the river splits around a section of land creating a picturesque raft launch.


After the hike down to the river you will have worked up an appetite so we will have a nice deli spread lunch for you with all the fixin’s.

Deli Spread Forks of the Kern.png

Day one on the river provides some of the most incredible views of rock formations called The Needles a world class destination for climbers. The waters here are so nice you may want to go for a swim.

View of the Needles from the Forks of the Kern -MRA

Wind your way through an impressive canyon carved out by the mighty Kern River. Experience really fun class III and IV rapids.

Rafting the Forks of the Kern River

When you get to camp a little teamwork gets the job done quick once boats are unloaded you can relax and enjoy while your guides prepare a feast set for a king. 

Your meal is prepared the best way we know how, on an opened fire. Steak, Potatoes, Corn, and all the fixin’s. We know you worked up an appetite all day, so we make sure and feed you well. Top it off with some dutch oven brownies. 

Flipping Steaks on the Forks of the Kern

Day 2 begins with coffee call followed by a great breakfast! Gear up and get ready to go because today is going to be a wild ride.

Aside from the world class white water, there is some pretty incredible scenery to enjoy. Take in the views and get ready for more excitement, because there is more white water on the way.

Camp another night on our 3 day trip, or push to the take out on our 2 day. If time allows a side trip up the 7 tea-cups is worth the trek. Finally with the take out in sight only Carson falls lies between you and the best trip of your life.