Fun Camping Games!

It’s camping season!

And often, parents are so busy schlepping out the
tents, pads, rain flies, and all the extraneous gear needed to bring the
family camping, we forget about packing fun games!  Or how our
electronically connected children will entertain themselves in an
‘unplugged’ environment.  In comes Mountain & River Adventures’ Campground
(MRA) to the rescue!  Here are some great suggestions to help with
transitioning from city street to camp site.  These games are also great if
you have younger kids who aren’t quite old enough for our rafting
adventures, and, are fun activities for kids camping with us during high
water season, when we need to keep them occupied away from the water’s edge.

While camping at MRA’s Campground there are lots of fun activities that you
and your kids can participate in, right here on site!  Here are our most
Popular camping games:
playing games -Volleyball! We have a great Sand Volleyball court for all ages.
Ask Camp Host Curtis to help you check out the volleyball!
-Basketball, we have a basketball hoop available for everyone to
use.  We do need you to bring your own ball for this one.
-Horseshoes! Lots of fun! Located in Bud’s Grove.
-Shuffleboard. Under the shade of Bud’s Grove we have a shuffleboard
-Badminton- lots of fun to play in the summer sun.
-Bocce Ball.  Not just for old, Italian men, this is always a fun
game to play for older kids and adults.

Fun games to bring with you from home:
-Frisbee! Frisbee is a very popular and fun activity to play in the
-Bring your bikes!!! Kids love to pedal the campground loop!  Scooters need
concrete and we don’t have any of that.
-Beanbag toss- we are seeing this fun game more and more. Make sure you
include it on your next visit.
-Soccer! Bring a soccer ball. Endless hours of fun!
-Washers is pretty easy to pack along and provides endless hours of fun for
the littles and the bigs!

Other Games that take just a bit of planning:
-Sing alongs (think the cup song that Girl Scouts sing).  Google some
lyrics, or just sing what you love!
-Nature Art projects that kids can lead themselves.
-Color scavenger hunt (bring along some water based paints and brushes, and
a few sheets of paper/paper bags)
-Camping themed story stones, have the kids tell each other bedtime stories
from their story stones.

If we’ve forgotten to mention some of your favorite camping games, for
littles or bigs, be sure to let us know what we missed!  We look forward to
seeing you here on the Kern, very soon! Check out our website for more information!

Biking is always lots of fun!

Try these easy steps to camping glass free!!

Try these easy steps to camp without glass!

Mountain & River Adventures Campground is moving to a NO GLASS campground to be in line with guidelines set out by the Sequoia National Forest. We are using 2017 as a transitional season to give you and us time to figure out how best to camp without bringing glass to our Forest.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Watch what you are buying.
    • There are lots of alternative options to buying glass.
  • Plan Ahead
    • While planning your trip make sure that none of your non food items contain glass
  • Buy your alcohol in cans or boxes or even pouring it into a metal container or bladder.
    • There are so many different options; cans, boxes, metal. The options are endless.
    • The local brewery in Kernville now sells their beer in cans too!!
Did you know that you can buy canned wine?  We recently held a taste testing of boxed wines and The Block, Shiraz, sold at Trader Joe’s was our camper favorite!

Other Tips:

  • Always remember to leave nature better than the way you found it by keeping trash bags handy and easy to use, and thereby keeping trash contained and not carried off in the wind.
  • Pop-up trash can, bring extra trash bags, and hold it down with a rock in the bottom (we have plenty of rocks)!

  • Unpack new camping gear ahead of time, to practice and make sure everything works.  Leave packaging at home, saves on car space, and creates less trash when camping.We are excited for the summer 2017 and our transition year. We look forward to see you in the campground or on the water and working together to camping glass free!!